Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information
First and foremost, I respect your privacy just as much as I respect my own. It is for this reason that I will never release your personal information to anybody — not second parties, not third parties — nobody. If you enter your personal information on my site, I will use it only for contact requests. I am fully committed to protecting any personal information you may share with me.

Email Communication
It is suggested that you do not use email to send messages of a confidential nature. I do not use a SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) feature on my Website, so email is not secure and can possibly be read by someone other than the intended recipient during it's time in transit.

Links to Outside Websites
I do provide links to outside websites on JustAddLindsay.com. If you access those links, you will leave JustAddLindsay.com. I do not control those sites privacy policies, which are most likely very different from mine. Therefore, the information you provide to or the information collected by those sites is not covered by the JustAddLindsay privacy policy. Always check the privacy policies of these sites to safeguard your personal information.

If this privacy policy is updated, changes will be reflected on this page and this page only. Changes to this policy, however, are very unlikely.

How to Contact Me
If you feel that I am not living up to my stated privacy policy, please contact me with your concerns by email at lindsay@justaddlindsay.com.

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