Geek Roll

alistapart.com - A List Apart has to be one of my favorites, as it includes articles about all types of Web content from various contributors. This is a fantastic resource for anybody who develops Web content.

phrogz.net/css – Phrogs has a lot of interesting articles on CSS-based web design and bug work-arounds.

haslayout.net – Has Layout is a site for Web developers that focuses on IE–specific bug fixes and anti-IE commentary. This site has helped me more than anyone could ever understand.

dynamicdrive.com – Dynamic Drive an amazing site with tons of free DHTML and JavaScripts and some really cool tools.

wave.webaim.org – Wave is a valuable tool for those concerned with accessibility on the Web. This is a free accessibility evaluation tool.

usability.gov – Usability.gov is the perfect usability reference. It explains the basic principles of usability and has tips for improving overall user experience.

w3.org/WAI – the W3.org Web Accessibility Initiative is a site dedicated to improving accessibility for those with disabilities. This site is content rich and very informative.

w3.org – The World Wide Web Consortium Website is a vast pool of information on everything concerning standards-based Web design.

visibone.com – Visibone is a great place for Web reference guides. I have the Browser Book as well as one of their color posters and I love them!

sitepoint.com – SitePoint is a great resource for all types of Web development. They have many articles from innovative contributors among many, many other things.


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